Resurfacing & Reinstatement

Valley Water undertakes resurfacing and reconstruction of carriageway and footways by engineering with materials and processes that deliver long term value for money. Our services are focussed on providing best value, proficient management and customer satisfaction.

Our surfacing teams are experienced in providing road resurfacing and footpath holding all relevant industry accreditations and exceeding the latest environmental and health and safety requirements.

Carriageway resurfacing

Our road surfacing team undertake site surveys, road planning, raising of ironwork, laying and compacting of a variety of stone subbase and asphalt products. We combine high quality materials and equipment with the recycling of existing materials wherever possible.

Our carriageway resurfacing services include:

  • Reconstruction – where the road construction has deteriorated to a point where full reconstruction is required
  • Resurfacing with hot rolled asphalt (HRA)
  • Resurfacing with stone mastic asphalt (SMA)
  • Resurfacing with high stone content (HSCA)
  • Resurfacing with micro asphalt – sealing the existing wearing course with a mixture of fine aggregates and bitumen emulsion.

Footway resurfacing

Our footway resurfacing services include:

  • Resurfacing – undertaking a traditional process of excavation and resurfacing with dense bitumen macadam
  • Re-tread – recycling the footway materials and applying a new surface
  • Overlay – using a single layer of dense bitumen macadam over the existing surface course
  • Micro asphalt and slurry seal – sealing and waterproofing the existing wearing course.

Our detailed programme of works ensures that road resurfacing is carried out according to client requirements and with minimum disruption to road users. We provide a consultation service to ensure we provide the best value surfacing solution to every client, taking into consideration the type of road and purpose, location, volume and speed of traffic, aesthetic appearance, cost, maintenance requirements, product lifecycle, and the environment.

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