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Water mains replacement

Save time and money on water main replacements with the latest trenchless techniques from Exterior Plumbing Services Ltd. Our state-of-the-art moling equipment can bore accurate, efficient channels for new pipe work without the need for large scale excavation. This allows us to carry out our replacements with minimal disruption to your property.

Our water mains replacement starts from the stop tap at the boundary of your property up to the connection inside your house, giving you a single, seamless water supply replacement that has superior integrity and flexibility, leaving it less prone to splits and cracks with none of the risks of lead contamination.

Using our moling technique, Trenchless water pipe replacement proves to be quicker, more efficient and certainly more cost-effective than traditional trenching methods, with no need for unsightly channels dug through your garden and driveway. Today we’re leading the way in trenchless moling methods that are fast, efficient and cost-effective. On completion of your installation, EPS will sign off the work as we are Water Company approved contractors.

This service includes survey, excavation, water supply pipe replacement, connection and reinstatement.

All supply pipe replacements are backed by a 20 year guarantee*

How we carry out your replacement

We simply dig small pits and use high-tech pneumatic moling units that effectively burrow their way between the excavations – boring horizontally between the excavations. Using pneumatic power, the mole hammers its way through the soil to create a smooth bored tunnel that the new pipe is pulled through.

As well as reducing the labour and equipment costs incurred in digging of trenches, by using moling for pipe replacement or new pipe-work we avoid the previously unavoidable disturbance of gardens, driveways and patios.

Enjoy the benefits of your new water supply pipe

Optimum Water Flow

Modern MDPE water supply pipes are far superior to the old lead or other existing pipework that they replace. Modern MDPE water supply pipe is not only very strong, but is also flexible making it very durable. Also with a much larger diameter, modern MDPE flow rates can be significantly increased, optimizing the delivery of water to your property.

Superior Water Quality

Exterior Plumbing Services work in compliance with the governments ‘Drinking Water Quality Regulations’. This means that when we undertake work for our customers, they will have peace of mind knowing that upon completion, the water they are being supplied will be purer and of better quality.

Save Energy

Higher flow can benefit both commercial and residential customers, as more efficient delivery to water dependant appliances can help save energy.

Environmentaly Kinder

As we all know, even bottled water has an impact on our environment due to the abstraction of water, product packaging and the pollution from transportation. With modern MDPE water supply pipes everyone can enjoy good quality water straight from the tap, and it’s cheaper. Helping to save our environment, and save money.

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